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CDK1 with supporting tube or legs                   

CDK1S with legs assembly, (Old Name TSK310)


The compact stud welding gun CDK1 (TSK310 with legs or supporting tube) is designed for capacitor discharge stud welding (contact method). It guarantees optimum welding results and repeatability and is very easy to use. CDK1 or CDK1S stands out through its robust construction and high reliability. It is ergonomic design and low weight assures tireless working. A Linear ball bushing in the welding gun ensures high positioning accuracy. Easy conversion from supporting tube to legs. A large range of supporting tubes and legs makes it easy to create templates for welding of studs. See accessories.


Very well suited for welding on problematic surfaces (e.g. zinc, tinder).
• S
pring pressure adjustable. Turning the cab back on the welding gun will adjust the spring pressure.
• I
ndication of adjusted spring pressure in sight window
Highest operational repeatability, high welding quality, high reliability
Highest stud positioning accuracy through precise linear ball bushing guide of gun piston
Simple handling
Quick and simple retooling.
All stud types weld able (special chuck might be required)
High service life through high-grade mechanical components
Robust housing made from impact resistant, full-insulating plastic VERTON
Precision guidance protected from welding spatters
• Ergonomic design
Compact construction
• l
low weight

A wide range of accessories.

Basic rules:

Observe the following basic rules for stud welding with capacitor discharge.

The steel must be free of oil or fat and should be clean.

Coatings such as zinc, scale, paint, anodizing etc. have a negative effect on weld quality or do not allow welding.

Base metals must be suitable for welding.

Steel with high carbon content or cutting steel is not recommended for stud welding.

Use quality "pip" on the bolts. The accuracy of the arc at the pip has a direct impact on weld quality

Always test welds, before production begins.


Technical data:

Welding range:     

Welding materiel:  
Stud length:        

welding method: 

Welding cable: 

Control cable pluck: 

Dimension (WxHxL):

Weight (without cable)


Ø 2-10 mm
Steel material, Stainless Steel, mild steel, aluminium and brass
5-35 mm (With accessories up to 120 mm)
Acc. DIN EN ISO 14555 - capacitor discharge (contact method)

5,0 m, 35 mm², (Extension cable can be connected)
Standard with 12-pin, (other pluck can be mounted ex. 4 pol or 7 pol)
40x130x170 mm
0,5 kg



86190612  (TSK310)






Accessories: (most used)








CDK1 with 12 pol pluck (TSK310) with legs and supporting tube.

CDK1 with 4 pol pluck. Delivered with legs and supporting tube.

CDK1 with 7 pol pluck. Delivered with legs and supporting tube.

CDK1S with12pol for legs assembly-(legs, footbaseplate, chuck)

CDK1S with 4 pol for legs assembly-(legs,footbaseplate, chuck)

CDK1S with 7 pol for legs assembly-(legs,footbaseplate, chuck)


Supporting tube length 63 mm - out Ø20

Supporting tube length 63 mm - out Ø25

Supporting tube length 63 mm - out Ø30

Supporting tube length 70 mm - out Ø30

Supporting tube length 75 mm - out Ø30

3-FOD (leg) Complete - L49 on the legs (49mm)