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DT 1200             DT2200

DT1200       DT2200


Strong equipment for drawn arc studwelding in accordance with DS 0902



Strong, heavy-duty studwelding equipment for universal use. Studwelding elements in accordance  with DIN 32500 and DIN 32501; specially designed metal components made of alloy and non-alloy steel. Special concept for building construction and shipbuilding work.



Ample possibilities for fitting out the welding pistol. Depending on the assignment, a dampened or undampened pistol is used that features columns, baseplate and ceramic holder, or columns, baseplate equipped for short-time welding, or a fixed, non-adjustable tube. DA 2 is a ringlift welding gun.



Simple, reliable and service-friendly. Using an extra distribution box, up to 3 users can use the

same equipment at the same time. Mounted on 4 wheels making the machine easily manoeuvrable. (front 2 swivel wheels are fitted with brakes) - thermally controlled fan. Powder lacquered.



TECHNICAL DATA        : DT1200                             DT2200                          

Field of application           : Drawn Arc

Current source                  : Transformer with full bridge rectifier

Welding current                 : 200 - 1200 A                   5 step        200 - 2200 Amp                

Welding time                     : 0.1 - 1 sec., infinitely variable

Welding range up to (fb)  : 16 mm full base              25 mm                               

Weight                               : 125 kg                            210 Kg

Dimensions (W x H x L)    460, 630,710                  460, 630, 710                                             

Material                              : Steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel

Welding speed                 : Depends on use; 20 to 6 studs/min.

Power connection             : 400 V / 63 Amp ; 65KVA

Compact studweldingmachine for Drawn arc.  (DA) 
BH 1OO/BH 10 after SAY 0902 
Weld Apply: 
Handigt, production strong studweldingmachine for universal use, ideal for assembly industry. Studwelding items by DIN 30500 and DIN 32501 and metaliske special form partse of alloy and non alloy steel. As eksta equipment can be a pistol equipped with gas, in order to render ceramic rings. Welding guns Simple, operating friendlyg gun with large equipment options. Depending on the task used subdued or not subdued gun mounted with pillars, footrest with the equipment to shorttime welding , or fixed-not adjustable pipes.
To note
Simple, safe operation and service friendly - optimum security in the welding process through the "immediate change" to flow resolved circuits of the machine by operational error, - shown with LED - thermal guided fan.



weld apply: Drawn Arc Machines
power source: Tranformator with rectifier
weld power:
weld time:  
weld area up to (fb)  
Material: Steel, rustfristål, vermebestandigt steel
weld speed:
dimension (b x h x l):