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Attachment of a wooden deck -

Stud Welding has turned out to be a sound and cost-saving procedure for many different applications . By attaching wooden boards to steel decks by means of stud Welding, the time spent on the job is considerably reduced , since it is no longer necessary to take off the wooden deck for welding the attachment studs.

Fewer works routines by means of stud welding.

- Lay out and wedge wood in ready state.
- Drill and counter sink.
- Remove protection with drill.
- Stud Weld
- Attach deck by means of nuts
- Insert plug

The most important advantages.

-   No piercing of the deck required
-   No damage to inside. cladding below deck
-   No sealing problems
-   Wooden deck is wedged and attached
    without first having to be taken off
-   Shorter time on the job due to fewer routines.
-   Stud Welding can also be carried out by
     semi-skilled employees